Our story starts and continues from the same point: the passion for what we do.

From the art of luthiery to welding to workwear: the thread that connects our origins to the present runs through these trades. The trades of our family. But the paths of work evolve and renew to develop new ideas and new journeys. Paths that lead to Zani Work.


My name is Isabella Zani, and I'm here to tell you my story. In 1999, I began my career within the family business, ZANI WELDING, which was involved in marketing welding materials. The industry was predominantly male-dominated, but inspired by the protagonist of Flashdance, I thought that I might find my place among wires, electrodes, and welding machines.

The 2000s arrived, and the 1996 Law 626 on workplace safety was in full effect, leading more and more companies to become aware of the new regulations. From this need, the idea of marketing safety products related to welding emerged, leveraging our existing customer base. Gradually, I expanded into other sectors, and as time passed, more and more customers asked for personalized garments, more high-performance items, more technical gear—UNIQUE GARMENTS.
In 2008, I created the brand FASHION WORK ITALY: elegance at work and style in life.


I'm Cristina Zani, and in 2018, I began my collaboration with the family business.
I'm a professional journalist, and my world revolved around events, TV, interviews, and presentations. A "polished" world, as they say. Like my sister, it wasn't easy for me to adapt to this new reality, despite all the privileges of a family-owned company. Then, I realized that I could bring a bit of my world here.

I started by creating a new website and developing communication and digital marketing activities to enhance brand identity and bring a more "creative" vision. I established new relationships with industry associations. I believed in our new corporate restyling and digital innovation project.
I created my virtual space to share the world of work.


We work under the banner of corporate ethics and social values. For many years, we have been collaborating with a social cooperative that employs disadvantaged individuals, and with them, we have established a relationship of friendship, trust, mutual respect, and work. They are a serious, reliable partner who ensures quality and strict adherence to deadlines.